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Welcome to the English website of Advance Services, a translation service provider from Kazakhstan.
There is more in it than just translation.
Being successful in Kazakhstan is about the right language and the right procedures. That is why our customers – investors, importers, exporters and individuals – use our services for translations between major European languages and Kazakh and Russian, with Russian being the second official language in the country.
Most of our translations involve English, German, French, Italian or Turkish, and we also translate a lot from Chinese. This covers most of what can be needed in Kazakhstan.
Our services include:
 Technical translations
 Legal translations
 Marketing translations
 Translation of official documents to and from Kazakhstani authorities
... and we are committed to deliver them professional and complete paying particular attention to customer benefits such as project output control, cost reduction, increased quality and efficiency, and faster operations.
As a local company with 5-years’ experience and hundreds of projects delivered to corporate customers every year, Advance Services knows the requirements and the people in Kazakhstan. We are able to adapt your translations for the market and we deliver the documents in the formats needed for use in our country.
As a company that follows internationally accepted best practices and standards, we set up tough translator certification and efficient project management procedures. As part of our quality control, all translations are checked by native speakers and experts in the relevant business sector. We also use some of the best software available worldwide to support our workflow and translation processes and make them more efficient.
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